IMPORTANT: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, couples massages must be accommodated in separate rooms.


Our Services



relax, refresh & renew
full body massage . . . . $70
Relaxation or therapeutic massage of the back, neck, legs, arms, and head. Abdominal upon request.
20 minute target massage . . . . $25
Addresses specific areas of injuries or tightness.
back & neck massage . . . . $45
Relaxation or therapeutic massage of the back & neck
elite full body massage . . . . $90
Our full body massage with extra time to address your problem areas.
LaStone massage . . . . $90
Certified "hot" stone massage that uses warm and cool stones to help release muscle tension.
couples massage . . . . $135
Full body relaxation massage in the same room designed for two.
elite couples massage . . . . $175
Elite Full Body Massage in our couple’s suite.
All massage offerings will include sales tax unless you provide a prescription from a physician.
energize, stimulate & enhance
eminence organic skin products
Éminence Organic Skin Products are 100% hand made from organically grown ingredients. Used for all facial offerings and available for purchase.
basic renewal facial . . . . $70
Includes cleansing, steaming, exfoliation, treatment masque, facial massage and moisturizing. Good for all skin types.
mini renewal facial . . . . $45
Includes cleansing, exfoliation, treatment masque, mini facial massage and moisturizing.
elite renewal facial . . . . $80
Our Basic Renewal Facial with extra time to address your problem areas. Choose one of the following:
  • Anti-Aging Facial
  • Anti-Blemish Facial
  • Simply Sensitive Skin Facial
Keep skin radiant between monthly facials. Exfoliate, peel and moisturize. (No Steaming)



Massage, facials, sugar scrubs at Renewal Massage & Skin, Dayton Ohio



transcendent experiences
renew me . . . . $90
Our Back & Neck Massage with our Mini Renewal Facial.
the renewal . . . . $150
Indulge yourself in a relaxing Full Body Massage and your choice of our Elite Renewal Facials.
a renewal for two . . . . $275
Experience a Full Body Massage and Basic Renewal Facial while sharing our couples suite designed for two.

Couples massage at Renewal Massage & Skin, Dayton Ohio



Add to your renewing massage experience with natural essential oils or sugar scrubs. A full array of Deep Steep Products including their sugar scrubs along with Arc Angel and Aromatherapy Blends are available for purchase.

Renewal offers "truly natural" Deep Steep sugar scrubs. Choose one of the following:
  • Renewing
  • Calming
  • Energizing
foot or hand scrubs . . . . $15
back scrub . . . . $20
All Lavender Based
  • Warming
  • Cooling
  • Soothing
aromatherapy . . . . $15
You may choose one of the unique oil blends to be added to your massage oil/lotion.
  • Renewing
  • Calming
  • Energizing
target aromatherapy . . . . $10
Use the unique Arc Angel Roll-On blends to target specific problems.
  • Headache
  • Sinus
  • Sleep

The Warmth Of
hands can cure

Massage helps relieve overworked muscles by alleviating soreness and reducing swelling. Researchers say that, if tended within 3 hours of the onset of pain, a strained muscle will be a third less sore and swollen 3 days later than it would be without the therapy. A single session can help muscles bounce back faster. The increase of blood flow to the muscles due to massage can help them heal quicker.