Massage: Necessity or Frivolous Indulgence? (Part 2)

Massage Necessity or Frivolous Indulgence?
Part 2 - Immunity

When do you need a massage? Some would answer NEVER! Some would answer when I am hurting. Unfortunately, the majority of people believe massage is a luxury – that great gift of pampering – that once in a long while treat.

Massage is a luxury and massage can help when you are in pain, but massage can be beneficial in numerous ways to the general health and well-being of an individual. Massage should be considered a necessity, not a frivolous indulgence for the rich and famous. An hour on the table can fight pain, boost your immunity, help you sleep, and more.....

Let's talk Immunity

The big hitters in the fight against illness are White Blood Cells, Neutrophils, and Natural Killer Cells, all components of your immune system. White Blood Cells and Neutrophils protect you and help you fight off potentially harmful organisms. Massage has been proven to increase the production of white blood cells by close to 40%. This, in turn, increases your immunity and aids in the battle against illness. Natural killer cells, one of three kinds of Lymphocytes, are the immune system's first line of defense against invading illness. Massage boost the production of Natural Killer Cells but as a bonus decreases their "mortal enemy- Cortisol".

Cortisol is a hormone secreted by the adrenal gland, it has been termed "the stress hormone". Cortisol destroys Natural Killer Cells. We live in a high- stress culture, our body's stress response is constantly activated and doesn't always return to normal. The body's relaxation response needs to be activated to return the body to normal function and prevent the further annihilation of natural killer cells by Cortisol. Guess what? Massage triggers a relaxation response allowing the immune system to take care of business.

Note I have expressed how massage improves your immune system function but not, I repeat NOT when you are sick with an infectious illness or sporting a fever. Your immune system is already hard at work fighting a massage will only tax it more. Besides, I guarantee the therapist does not want to catch what your body's immune system is fighting. We will gladly await your speedy recovery – please reschedule.

Take a hands on approach to wellness with a luxurious massage. More than simple pampering, the healing practice of massage can provide you an offensive position to staying healthy

Massage – The Natural Art of Healing

Submitted Stormy Burke LMT

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