Body Scrubs: Why?

The largest organ of the human body is our skin. It helps protect us from environmental aggressors. The skin is our filter system; it rejects the "gunk" in our air but, unfortunately, picks up plenty which is why it is important to renew and strengthen the skin's outer layers. One of the reasons eliminating dead cells is crucial.

Exfoliation allows the skin to function optimally. We exfoliate our faces, but we often forget about the rest of our body. Removing dead and dry skin cells lets the skin breathe. Yes, our skin is constantly shedding, but not all of those dead cells fall off; they build up. We need to slough off dead skin build up to remove impurities, open pores, prevent breakouts, avert ingrown hairs, brighten tone, prevent dry patches, as well as soften and hydrate. Allow the skin to breathe.

We use and strongly recommend Deep Steep Sugar Scrubs. They contain all natural ingredients (none of "The Big Five" things you don't want to find in your products). Also, they contain the perfect amount of "grit" -- not too coarse or abrasive as to cause discomfort but enough to get the job done.

Renewal Massage & Skin – The natural art of healing.

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